Based on the people-centered management ideology ECO Solution Provider, HBMGT Co.,Ltd.


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HBMGT CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of HB Group. We are a leading ECO packaging product manufacturer that is pioneering eco-friendly packaging solutions based on manufacturing experience of corrugated boards and packaging products.

Based on the experience of corrugated cardboard manufacturing over 10 years in line with the environmental era, we made differentiated ourselves from the concept of an existing box that simply protects products.

We are developing and expanding various eco-friendly products such as insulated cooler boxes, kraft paper tapes, paper gummed tapes and dispensers. In addition, we are also carrying out import paper business for stable cardboard production and paper foodservice packaging production.

HBMGT CO., LTD. pursues environmental protection based on human-cored management philosophy, and we will continue to promise a brighter future with changes and innovations with trust with our customers.

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